5 Wellness Podcasts to Inspire Veterinary Professionals

We are always encouraged to read books to better ourselves, but if you are like most veterinary professionals, you simply don't have the time or energy to devote to reading.

Podcasts provide a sturdy middle ground that can educate and inspire—often in one hour or less. Better yet, they're more mobile, allowing you to fit them in while driving to work, going for a walk, cooking dinner, or washing the dog.

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Veterinarians

Here are five wellness podcasts to fill you with inspiration, knowledge, and passion for your career and life.

1. Vet Life Reimagined

Veterinary nutritionist Megan Sprinkle, DVM, interviews veterinary professionals and creative thinkers in the industry (including this writer). The topics investigated in Vet Life Reimagined include creating a thriving culture of well-being, reflections on veterinary school, navigating a stressful workplace, dealing with cybersecurity, and more. If you are looking for different ways to use your degree and become energized about your day-to-day work life at the same time, give this podcast a listen.Save

2. The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

This podcast is based on the Yale professor's psychology course on the science of happiness—the most popular in the university's 300-year history. The Happiness Lab examines what it takes for us to be happy, and the answers might surprise you. If you are having a crappy day, this is a great podcast to queue up for inspiration and self-care. A good place to start might be the February 2022 episode "Burnout and How to Avoid It," which is an excellent resource for learning to deal with the emotional challenges of your work life.

3. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

This podcast will help you to reach for your personal greatness. In The Knowledge Project, entrepreneur and public speaker Parrish interviews masters of their industry to draw lessons on creating advantages, be it from a Super Bowl-winning coach or an acclaimed psychologist. Try the May 2022 episode with biologist and genetics expert Dr. David Sinclair, who speaks on reversing the aging process. Or drop in on a discussion about how small adjustments can lead to big life changes in the March 2022 episode with leading neuroscientist and Stanford University School of Medicine professor Andrew Huberman.

4. My Veterinary Life

Hosted by Drs. Marci Kirk and Annie Chavent—two brilliant veterinarians—My Veterinary Life features real stories from a wide range of veterinary professionals, including American Veterinary Medical Association vice president Dr. Jennifer Quammen, Hire Power Consulting founder Paul Diaz, and more, (including this writer). The wellness podcasts are uplifting and often hilarious and will have you looking at veterinary medicine with fresh eyes and renewed excitement.

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5. The Tim Ferriss Show

No inspiration podcast list is complete without bestselling author Tim Ferriss. On The Tim Ferriss Show—often the top business podcast on Apple—he deconstructs world-class performers to tease out their routines, habits, and other characteristics that you can then apply to your own life. You might start with the episode with social scientist Brené Brown or the episode with teacher, psychologist, and author Tara Brach, who seamlessly blends Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. If time is an issue for you, catch Ferriss' five-minute podcast summaries.

Invigorating Your Veterinary Practice

There's perhaps no better way to refresh your practice—and yourself—than with a healthy dose of inspiration. Not only can it change your perspective, but it can change how you approach your work, manage your team, communicate with clients, and cope with challenging situations. That may also pass on the same good vibes to your team, elevating the practice as a whole.

Sarah Wooten

A 2002 graduate of UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Sarah Wooten is a well known influencer in the veterinary and animal health care spaces. She has over 10 years experience in public speaking and media work, and writes for a large number of online and print animal health publications. Dr. Wooten has spoken in the veterinary education space since 2015, and speaks on leadership, client communication, and personal development. Dr. Wooten is also a certified veterinary journalist, a member of the AVMA, and has 16 years experience in small animal veterinary practice. She is also a co-creator of the wildly popular card game ‘Vets Against Insanity’. When it is time to play, she can be found skiing in Colorado or diving with sharks in the Caribbean. Go big...or go home. To learn more, visit drsarahwooten.com. The views and opinions in this piece are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of either The Vetiverse or IDEXX.

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